Colored Circles 33 mm – 4 secondary colors


EAN: 8410782024118 SKU: 102411


Set of rolls of educational stickers in assorted colors: brown, pink, lilac and orange, with permanent adhesive. The pack contains 4 rolls (1 per color) of circles (33 mm) . Each roll contains 59 pre-cut sheets that are easy to peel, 2,832 stickers per pack. The perfect size for use in schools, nurseries, children’s workshops or any other group dealing with children. Playing and creating with stickers is a basic activity to develop fine motor skills while working on different skills and abilities such as the knowledge of colours, geometric shapes and sizes; development of logic and creativity; teamwork or concept of space, among others. In addition, the APLI stickers meet the strictest quality and safety regulations: – Manufactured in accordance with EN-71 and the FSC chain of custody standards – Water-based adhesive – Free of solvents – ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) paper – 100% recyclable material .

Additional information

Weight 640 g
Dimensions 24 × 6,4 × 11,5 cm



Adhesion property

Permanent adhesive


ECF Paper – 100% recyclable



Product size


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